Stavrate 2.0 - what's new ahead of the 2023-24 season?

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Stavrate 2.0 - what's new ahead of the 2023-24 season?

Friends, in the last release, we have prepared several significant changes, which we want to talk about in more detail.

Updated logo
Along with the new logo, we would like to introduce you to our tournament mascots, Stav and Reita. Stav and Raitt are full of excitement, sportsmanship and always want to win, like all of us!

In the future, several additional game activities will be created around these two, which will make participating in the competition even more interesting!

The level of forecasters
The global rating is being replaced by a new concept — the level of forecasters.

As you could see, many new tournaments and new language versions have been added to the site. These changes are designed to help attract players from other countries to our tournament, which we will be working on soon.

However, as the number of tournaments grows, it becomes clear that it becomes increasingly difficult for each individual player to play everywhere, and the quality of predictions can deteriorate due to the lack of time for analysis. That is why we encourage you to participate only in tournaments that interest you, and the competition modes available on the site should not force you to play everywhere.

The new prognosticator tier is less dependent on the number of tournaments a player participates in and focuses more on personal achievements rather than the player's position relative to other prognosticators.

Your profile will show your current level and the number of points to move to the next level. And you can earn these same points with the help of several factors at once:
⁃ Visiting the site;
⁃ Successful predictions for each of the matches;
⁃ StavRate League and Cup wins and draws;
⁃ New open achievements;
⁃ Medals in the tour;
⁃ Best player of the month or season awards;

Major changes affected this section as well. Our main goal was to make it more dynamic, so that it would make sense for players to visit it throughout the season, and those who were late to the start of the season would have at least some chance to compete for rewards.

From now on, you can change your prediction for the champion of each tournament until it is actually determined, but the maximum number of points that can be obtained in each of the sections will be equal to the number of rounds that remain to be played.

- If you made a correct prediction for the champion of England before the start of the season and never changed it, you will get 38 points for the total score;
⁃ If you changed your forecast 10 rounds before the end of the season, you will only get 10 points towards the overall score.

And if, after the start of the competition, your team does not live up to expectations, it is up to you to decide whether to go to the end with the hope of the maximum number of points, or to get a "tit in your hand"!

Subscription to a Premium account
As you know, this project lived and developed more like a hobby and was financed mainly at our expense. Our tournament will continue to be free for participation, but at the same time, those who wish will be able to support the development of the project financially. For this purpose, we are introducing a subscription to a premium account, which, in addition, will provide several nice bonuses.

1. From the new season, it will be possible to take part in unique StavRate tournaments (League, Cup, BC, Long-Term), international tournaments and national team competitions without a subscription. Also, for new users, 3 national championships to choose from will be available for free, and +1 national championship will be unlocked for prediction every 10 levels.

However! For all players who were registered before July 10, 2023, there will be no limit on the number of chapters for the competition! Enjoy the game 🙂

2. A paid subscription will allow you to participate in new activities that will appear around our mascots - Stav and Rait.

3. Also, owners of a paid subscription will not see any advertisements on the site.

4. And they will receive a special thank-you note from us for the financial support of the project.

The subscription is available in two types — monthly and annual with a 25% discount. And the cost of a monthly subscription without a discount will be only €1.49.

We also want to thank once again those players who financially supported our site earlier. The corresponding thank-you notes are already in your profiles and will remain there, regardless of whether you have a subscription!

Bets StavRate
The small change you asked us about also affected BC StavRate. A new type of prediction is available from this season - Both will score.

That's all for now, and soon we will present you with another batch of changes!

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I don't know, I sent the confirmation request again and the letter came
Forsider, That's good... Congratulations on your honors and your score!
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Nik Chornyy, I don't know, I sent the confirmation request again and the letter came
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Forsider, So what went wrong?
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Vitaliy35, There are more than 14 of them 👀

But there are several new ones that no one has reached yet.
try again now, please
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