Fanbet is stepping into the future!

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Fanbet is stepping into the future!

Friends, finish season 11 on Fanbet. It’s a pity, through the military aggression of Russia against our country, we all could not enjoy the love of the thunder of those other everyday joys of life. But we don’t have any hopes for our transition, and with optimism we marvel at the future, like our site, and our miraculous land!

Today we want to announce the changes that we have planned for the nearest future.

New name

Starting from the new season, the forecasters' tournament, which has already passed 11 years under the name of, change its name to Tse will be the same tournament of forecasters, with the same rules of the game, with the very same administrators, too. Change the name.

Is it all right?

Plan your project – the nearest time to go beyond the borders of Ukraine and become accessible to forecasters from Europe and the whole world. For this, first, you need a name, available in the .COM domain zone, as it does not go overboard with other names, and as such it is unique. The name StavRate is used in both Ukrainian and English: Stav - "becoming" from Ukrainian, and "rate" in English can be interpreted as a rate, that is "rob bets".

New new versions

First, what will be broken after changing the name of the site – Various new versions will be added. The English version of the site is already ready, the Ukrainian and Russian versions were earlier. Trohi later will be launched in Spanish, French, German and other languages. versions. You can switch the current version of the site, whether it is mit, change it at the footer of the site.

New tournaments

We understand that a skin forecaster has his own interests – who can predict the English championship, who can predict the Turkish Superleague, who has few current tournaments, and who wins less in the main divisions – Win the Fanbet Cup (StavRate). For this new season, in a special profile, you will be able to improve and lose less than those tournaments, in which you can take part. Comments with leagues will be attached to the comments before the new season, and you can vote for adding them to the new season. Forget that the tournaments will not be given even to the same fate, better for everything, the stench will be given even more to the coming of the greater number of participants from other lands.

European Championships/Tovariska League

Because of the fact that the base days for the European League Championships will be added as part of the tournament, a decision was made to split the European Championship into a single division.

New cities

Okrim tsgogo, new hedges will be added – for 1, 2, 3 months for sub-bags of a month in all championships. It is important to reward for the season to have a chance to take away less of those who spend the whole season without passes. Now there will be a chance to get some hope from those who arrived in the middle of the season, or who missed a sprat of tours.

Fanbet/StavRate Cup

The cup is rotated up to one-match matches and two draws per season. The first one will start like summer and end before the Championship of Light near the leaf fall, the other will start on the cob in 2023 and end before the end of the grass season.

Fanbet League/StavRate

The league will be closed without changes for the 2022/2023 season, but after a season (for the 2023/2024 season) changes can be made, as they will be due to a possible increase in the number of forecasters on the site. The report about the changes in Lizi for the season 23/24 will be updated on the cob 2023.

We kindly ask StavRate predictors before the tournament!

Glory to Ukraine!

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