Скажу честно как в школе всё понятно что ничего непонятно
assasins2011, 🏆League:
- Leagues are now 12 players each, that is, there will be 11 rounds per season (well, 3 seasons per year - fall, winter, spring, like in the Cup)
- Leagues at the same level will be parallel and there can be as many as you want (everything will depend on the number of players in the project). That is, 3 Leagues 1, 3 Leagues 2, 3 Leagues 3, 3 Leagues 4, 30+ Leagues 5. Then there will be more Leagues 4, then Leagues 3, etc., because 5 out of 12 will always rise from each league.
- There is a new level of the League - the Super League, for the winners of League 1
- In League 5, we allow not only those who have qualified, but also those who have just joined, but constantly use the project or bought a subscription (i.e., the risk of disappearing after the application round is reduced)

- The cups will also be parallel, 64 players per cup (there can be as many cups as you want)
- Cups will be 3 seasons per year
- All rounds in two rounds (except for the final)
- The winners of all Cups play each other in the Super Cup next season

In principle, everything 🙃