Betting tournament

StavRate Cup: Spring

A correctly predicted match score is 3 points, a result without an exact score is 2 points.

All bets in the StavRate Cup are closed for editing after the start of the first of the matches for which the participant has made his prediction.

To confirm participation in the Cup, you must take part in the Application round.

According to the results of the Application round, the position of players in the tournament bracket is determined.

In order for the total number of participants to become a multiple of the power of number 2 (256, 512, etc.), first the required number of "blanks" is obtained.

Then the best and the worst in the qualifying round are selected one by one. The formed pair is automatically determined alternately in the left and right branches of the tournament table (i.e. with 256 participants: pair 1-256 in the left branch, 2-255 in the right, 3-254 in the left, 4-253 in the right, etc.). etc.).

Each round of the Cup, including the final and the match for 3rd place, consists of one match, which determines the winner of the pair.

As in other leagues, a correctly predicted match score is 3 points, a correct result without an exact score is 2 points.

Criteria for determining the winner of a pair at the end of each playoff round:

  • Amount of points
  • Cup rating in the current season (% of outcomes, number of scores, see rating "StavRate Cup")
  • Blind lot

If a player misses another round, he is automatically excluded from the Cup (if both players from a pair miss a round, both are excluded anyway).

If any of the matches did not take place or was not completed during the day, then the match is removed from the bet, regardless of the circumstances.

A tour is considered to have taken place if 6 or more matches have been played.










Number of participants: 43

Comments: 509

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Player Score Player
melnyk71 - sh0ck
ПЧАНИ - beregovoy
zola25 - agolodivsky
Airbus - P i t B u l l
bogdantelishev - kantora09
Savkoff - Boeing
ibaranov922 - Liverpool 1992
GE - shatol
olchuc - r-yad
Dolobiv - kawa2215UA
mukh - Вячеслав 1972
vitaliy ua - Dimas1980
Сергій Волинь - zinchenko.v.m.
roberto carlos - Holivel
liverpool70 - akovbasyuk7
Rastafarai - begemot
DVPohreby - kiparis66
- Гризли
niozen - Артёмка 333
Н.Санжари - yuris44
korespondent.s - donvi
Нострадамус - Shishok
juve - bazzz13
andriulopatyn - pantera62
OM27 - Torpedo
AlexStar - litavuy
AndreL - smoholyura
2104сн - valeron
bodya-novosad - Yaguar
guardo - FReD
Artboss13 - Peresypkin Wladimir
Ruslan55 - bingo81
Bezil - irka30taras35nika8
User1987 - Iphone
jalovegavv - серёга85
Night - Yevgenii
Flores - vinia
CrazyAndrey - zi1vova
Serginio Yes - FUTTBASS
Francesko - Jose Mourinho
Санёк - Assamblege
dragan -
ChiMax - prekup
sania.tarasiuk2506 - КАЗБEK
soi - Dima Kushnir
SL_500-00.IG - dron81907
fran81 - Dimongik
olegboremel - Serka84
- revas1k
pan Zub - Vrindavan_das
assasins2011 - waldemar13
hawaloleh - Forsider
- tarikkum
A. K. - вал4ра
Саша Н
- thegold
Vladinho Yes - vasabelmega7
Richy - Kozyrniykozyr
krendel - Andrii29
KASP - denice
karpatu_rakhiv - Veruk 84
Ти програв - Мистер Икс
Yarutis - dyuk1985
finik - gena22121965
Tournament grid of the Cup

Friendly matches

Player Score Player
Inquisitor - jafora
bohdank2402 - Fandk
Minsk - tofik
- Kalinin
santa22 - ptah
ЮраМеталл - inter1908
Nik Chornyy - Oresst
Roman-Lviv - Славо
DeMoN-FCDM - novograd
djandrai1 - Garrik
kramar - gunko1986
нимфоманка - rus1721
- nick-nick67
boggp - Вовчикас
Tornado-UA - olegbarna69
biobober - ladswdua
bertoshas - PostedF
Lesapowal - Beliy1312
VALTER777 - Fishka
Alex_Best - best_diablo
VitalichMinsk - Tnek
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