Rules of the game

The rules of the game are quite simple and the same for all leagues (for the League, Cup and Bets StavRate, the rules are written separately on the pages of tournaments).

Only the score that determines the outcome you predict is accepted for each match.

At the end of each month and season, those who won prizes in each league receive marks in their personal profile.


Q: What is StavRate?

StavRate is a football prediction tournament. Here you can compete with other football fans in the skill of predictions.

Q: Scoring Rules
  • For a correctly predicted match score you get 3 points /
  • For a correctly predicted match outcome (without correct score) you get 2 points /
  • For the wrong outcome of the match you get 0 points /
  • For the first place in the tour you get 4 points in the overall rating, for the second 2 and for the third 1 point.
  • The overall rating includes points scored for all tours in which you took part.
  • In matches with possible extra time and/or penalty shootouts, only the result of regular time will count.
Q: Deadlines for accepting bets
  • Betting opens approximately 2 weeks before the start of the first match, in the StavRate Cup and League - a week before.
  • If you need to make a prediction for the score of the match “0:0”, you need to enter these values ​​in the appropriate fields. They are not saved by default!
  • In the StavRate League and Cup, the bet is accepted immediately on all matches of the tour. If you did not manage to make a bet in time and some matches have already started, you can leave your predictions for all the remaining matches. You can edit the bet before the start of the first match of those on which the forecaster made a bet.
  • In all other leagues, you can edit the predictions for any of the matches of the bet until it starts.
  • The icon in the menu means there is at least one league match starting in the next 7 days , and on which you have not placed a bet (for all first rounds, it is displayed without reference to 7 days).
  • Icon - there is at least one match in the league that starts in the next 24 hours, and for which you have not placed a bet.
Q: Nuances in the transfer of matches and awarded technical defeats
  • If any predicted match did not take place or was not completed, and one of the teams is awarded a forfeit loss, then the match is removed from the bet, regardless of the circumstances that led to such a decision.
  • If a match is rescheduled, then it remains in the bet until it is played (if the rescheduled match is scheduled for a time by which the bet results must be unambiguously determined on the site, then the match is excluded).
Q: Rules of the game in the StavRate Cup, StavRate League and StavRate Bets

All the rules of the game and all sorts of nuances for the sections StavRate Cup, StavRate League and StavRate Bets are written on the pages of the leagues themselves.

Q: Rules for calculating the rating of players

The rules for calculating all StavRate Predictor Ratings are outlined on the page Predictor Ratings.

Q: Rules of communication on the site

The site does not allow insulting other players, obscene language and discussing politics. The site administration, in case of non-compliance with the rules, reserves the right to prohibit further posting of messages by users for a period from 1 day to permanent blocking.

Q: How are the rates of BotStavrate and BotNormal virtual forecasters formed?
  • BotStavrate: for each of the matches, the most popular score is selected from the most popular outcome (Win1, X or W2) among the bets of all users of the site.
  • BotNormal: out of 10 matches in the round, for random 5 matches, the most popular outcome (W1, X or W2) and the most popular score among this outcome are selected, for 3 more random: the average most popular outcome and the most popular score among it, and for the remaining 2 matches: the most unpopular outcome and the most popular score among this selection.
Q: Why is there no private messages on the site?

In order to avoid fixed matches in the StavRate Cup and League, the administration of the resource decided not to introduce the functionality of private messages.

Q: Can I see the predictions of other users?

Yes, immediately after the start of the match in the personal profile of each user, you can view his prediction for this match. Thus, all users can make sure that none of the players' bets change after the start of the match, which guarantees the absence of any kind of juggling on the site.

Q: Telegram notifications (on any smartphone or PC: Android, iOS, Windows, etc.)

By subscribing to our Telegram bot, you will be able to receive timely notifications about the imminent start of matches for which you have not yet left predictions; received messages, awards, etc. No ads, just system messages from StavRate.

Follow the link and click on Send Message, if necessary, register in Telegram.

Press the /start button to start working, then follow the simple instructions:

- enter /login your_login_on_site (together with the "/")

- we receive a link in response and open it to confirm the rights to the account

Alerts activated! At any time, you can execute the "/logout" command to turn off notifications or simply block the bot.

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