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League StavRate

A correctly predicted match score is 3 points, a result without an exact score is 2 points.


  • Any player can participate in the StavRate League.
  • All bets in the StavRate League are closed for editing after the start of the first of the matches for which the participant made his prediction.
  • To participate in the StavRate League, before the start of each season, you must confirm your participation (by participating in the "application" tour).
  • If one of the matches of the bet did not take place or was not completed during the day, then the match is excluded from the bet.
  • Only one account per person is allowed to participate in the StavRate League!
  • A tour is considered to have taken place if 6 or more matches have happened.

Formation of Leagues and League Levels

  • The StavRate League has several levels: Super League, Leagues 1-5, and Qualifying League.
  • All participants at each level are divided into parallel groups of 12 players.
  • The allocation of players to groups takes place considering the places taken in the previous season, and under equal conditions — by the method of blind draw.
  • Super League: the prize winners (1-3 places) of the previous season of League 1 enter the Super League. According to the results of the season, only the prize winners of the current season reserve places in the Super League for the next season. The players who finished at 4-12 places return to League 1.
  • Leagues 1-5: 4 players from each league are promoted at the end of the season (with the exception of League 1, from which only 1-3 places enter the Super League). Also, the last 4 players at the end of the season are demoted to a league lower by 1 rank. The exception is League 5, from which the 6 best players are promoted and no one is relegated.
  • Qualifying League: players joining the competition during the season take part in the Qualifying League (see the relevant paragraph).
  • In case any player did not register for the season, his place is taken by the player who, based on the results of the previous season, occupies 1st place in the "queue" in the lower-ranked League (receives a wild card).
  • Distribution into subgroups takes place after the end of the "application" tour.

Rules of the Game

  • The season in the StavRate League lasts 11 rounds (each participant has to play 1 game with each of the opponents in the group).
  • A victory over an opponent brings 3 points to the overall score, a draw — 1, a loss — 0.
  • The following criteria are taken into account for the allocation of places in the tournament table in the following order:
    • Number of "league points";
    • For an equal number of "league points", scored "points";
    • If here equality as well, the result of a personal game;
    • Ranking "StavRate Leagues";
    • The blind draw.
  • If your opponent in the tour did not make his prediction, then to win the round you need to score at least 1 point. If you didn't score any, you get 1 point as for a draw. The opponent who did not make a prediction, in any case, does not receive points to the standings.

Qualifying League

  • Everyone who does not participate in the Super League and StavRate Leagues 1-5 can compete in the Qualifying League during the season.
  • Participants make predictions for each round without having a predetermined opponent. After the start of the first match, all players who made their predictions are randomly assigned to pairs.
  • Prognosticators from the Qualifying League who missed the start of the tour play against a virtual prognosticator (bot) - "BotNormal" (therefore, we advise you to make predictions in time).
  • The winners of the Qualifying League at the end of the season also receive appropriate awards.
  • Participants of the Qualification League who played 9 or more matches in the season have the right to apply to League 5 for the next season.
  • Also, all participants who visited the site/application for at least 5 days out of the last 7 before the start of the first ("declared") round, get the right to play in League 5.
  • All premium subscription owners also get the right to apply for League 5 before the start of the new season.

StavRate League Rating

"StavRate League Rating " unifies all players in the league by single criteria, which you can learn on the correspondent page.

There are no games in the tournament right now.
But they will appear very soon!

Player Tours W D L Matches Points Form League Points
Нострадамус 11 7 1 3 109 133 22
Н.Санжари 11 7 1 3 109 130 22
BROKER 11 6 2 3 109 119 20
best_diablo League 1 11 5 4 2 106 127 19
СОНЦЕ UA League 1 11 5 1 5 109 124 16
Ruslan55 League 1 11 5 1 5 109 118 16
Zidan_92 League 1 11 4 3 4 109 120 15
guardo League 1 11 5 0 6 109 107 15
Gedz League 1 11 4 0 7 109 107 12
mv League 1 11 3 2 6 109 121 11
zi1vova League 1 11 3 2 6 109 111 11
Bugatti League 1 11 3 1 7 109 96 10

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it was the last tour
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Is there another round after this?
Patoche, it was the last tour
Is there another round after this?
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Thank you, good game, I wish you success in the next games
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